HiLife Vitamins Shares: 6 Food Pairings That Will Increase Nutrient Absorption

Whenever a person decides it’s time to start using vitamins and supplements, they are looking for instant results. HiLife Vitamins, a company online that sells thousands of options to benefit people from all walks of life know that for their products to work, people need to see results fast.

While just about any vitamin or supplement will work in time, the right pairing makes a big difference. That is why certain nutrients will be paired up together in a vitamin, but for food, they can also be done. Let’s take a look at some options for people to consider when putting together a meal.

Turmeric and black pepper

For a little bit of spice, turmeric and black pepper pair together very well. They are also full of nutrients that are absorbed very well together. There are a lot of supplements that include nutrients from these two ingredients, so people who don’t get it naturally can get it through a supplement as well.

Tomatoes in olive oil

A huge antioxidant in tomatoes is called lycopene, which helps to fight against different types of cancer. When paired with olive oil, the nutrients are even easier to take in. A lot of people noticed that it not only taste very good, but there are opportunities to get the most out of these two ingredients that pop up in a lot of different recipes.

Vitamin D and calcium

Vitamin D works hand-in-hand with calcium to maximize how a person gets exactly what they need with nutrients. Vitamin D is found in meats like salmon and tuna, and also drinks like milk and orange juice. If it is paired with foods filled with calcium like a lot of vegetables and dairy products, it’s a great combination to feel all the power at once.

Fat and fat-soluble vitamins

Eating a decent amount of fat is actually healthy for individuals, especially if they are looking to absorb certain vitamins. Vitamin A and Vitamin D both need fat to be absorbed, and the same goes for Vitamin E as well. This is where the term “healthy fat” comes from.

As long as foods like avocado, olives, and nuts aren’t eating too often, the fat is going to be very beneficial. It’s also going to help a person realize that they are getting the nutrients they need faster.

Beans and rice

A very common staple for food all around the world, there is a reason why they are paired together so often. Together, they help provide people with a good amount of protein and fiber. It also makes it easier for the body to regulate carbohydrates and prevent any issues with blood sugar. There are tons of recipes for beans and rice, here is one which can be prepared in less than 20 minutes.

Apples and chocolate

This seems like a dream combination for a lot of people, and some might be skeptical as far as how chocolate can help with a nutritious life. Even though it should be eating in moderation, these two foods can help with cardio health.

Quercetin is an ingredient found in apples, and it helps fight against allergies, cancers and heart issues. Chocolate has some antioxidants in it as well, and a lot of them help fight against cancer. This combination is very good for people who want to treat themselves a little bit and still not feel that guilty.

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